Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thursday - Township Road b/t Milepost 6 and 7

Hi All - I finally took a day off and went birding with Charlotte Kisling.  WOW!!!!  We had a great morning on Tule Lake NWR, and then had lunch in Merrill at Pappy Ganders.  We met two folks from Stockton, CA who wanted to see the Bald Eagles.  Susan and Tracy decided to follow Charlotte and I to see if she could steer us on to the abundant Bald Eagles known in the Klamath Basin for this time of year. 

She did! We were watching three Golden Eagles fight and play in the air and then I looked across the road and noticed that there were several birds on a big pivot.  The binoculars confirmed the entire pivot all the way across had Bald Eagles on it. Then I looked in the field and there eagles everywhere. I mean everywhere. There was some water there and it looked like the eagles were sunning themselves and spreading out their wings and just have a lazy afternoon.  There was over 100 eagles along with a few ravens.  I was floored - I did not have the Nikon and only had the little Cannon and my photos do not do it justice. I hope you get a chance to see this sight. 

Also, I learned to digi-scope see the Great Horned Owl - this was cool. Just put the camera on the scope.

See you in the Klamath Basin!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

OFO Fieldtrips

Hi all.

OFO is short for Oregon Field Ornithologists and they are a great organization.

Charlotte Ann

From: Russ


Sent: Wed 01/19/11 7:48 AM

Subject: Fwd: [OBOL] 2011 OFO sponsored field trips

Oregon birding community~

OFO is proud to announce the resurgence of guided field trips to

various parts of the state. For now, these trips are free and

limited to field trip leader availability. You need not be an OFO

member to attend, just a willing birding participant. For more

information about these field trips, go to the OFO website and click

on "Field Trips" in top menu. Or click on the link [1]

A few more field trips will be added for the fall season, but I

thought I would get the word out as the first trip is only a month

away. Feel free to share this information with local Audubon members

who may not subscribe to OBOL.


Russ Namitz

OFO President

PS: If you wouldn't mind leading an OFO field trip to show your

local patch, please feel free to contact me.